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Are you interested in knowing about forensic psychologist salary since you want to pursue a career in forensic psychology? Well, though the forensic psychologists are not as visible as the cops on the crime scenes, you have to understand that their importance is as much as the police officers when it comes to enforcing law and prosecuting criminals. They use principles of psychology to understand a particular case. They usually specialize in criminal courts, but they are equally needed in civil and family courts as well. As a forensic psychologist you will have to study, evaluate and analyze the mental competency of the people involved in the case, especially the suspects. You will also have to undertake the responsibility of providing psychotherapy to the victims and assess the criminal or criminals involved in the cases. On an average, as a forensic psychologist you will have to work for about 40 hours a day. However, in critical cases you may require to work overtime. So, are you really interested in pursuing a career in forensic psychology? If your answer is in the affirmative, you will first have to know how to become a forensic psychologist and then know about the salary that you can expect.

To become a forensic psychologist you will first have to complete your undergraduate degree in psychology from a university or college that is accredited. If possible pursue a double major, in psychology as well as criminology if you can. Once you are done with the undergraduate course, you will have to take up a master’s degree course in clinical psychology. You can undertake a doctorate course as well. The completion of doctorate course can take up to seven years. If you don’t want to do your masters in psychology, you can do the course in criminology as well. You should simultaneously attend seminars on forensic psychology. They are extremely helpful and will aid you in learning a lot. If possible, you should take up additional courses in criminology and psychology from any accredited college. If possible you should get in touch with a professional forensic psychologist and ask him about the nuisances of the profession. This will give you an insight on what you should expect when you start your career professionally. Though very difficult to get permission, it will be great if you can watch a forensic psychologist at work. Once you complete your course, you should work up close with a chartered forensic psychologist for at least a couple of years. However, there are some states that require only one year of working with the chartered forensic psychologist under his supervision to become eligible for the certificate. After that you will have to prepare for and pass the state certification examination to become a certified forensic psychologist. The eligibility criterions to sit for this examination differs from state to state, so you have to find out what the eligibility criterions in the state you reside are. After passing the examination, you can get the forensic psychology certificate from American Board of Forensic Psychology.

Forensic Psychology Salary
Now coming to forensic psychology salary, you have to understand that the salary will go up with experience. When you start out initially, you can get an annual salary in the region of $20,226 and $49,500. After one to two years of experience you can get $40,507 to $69,756 and after five years of experience you can get about $82,437 in a year. According to statistics a forensic psychologist with ten to fifteen years of experience can make about $117,916 in a year while those with over twenty years of experience can get $120,920.

The forensic psychology salary will differ with different employers as well. According to the latest study forensic psychologist associated with Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation) are paid an hourly mean wage of $41.90 and an annual mean wage of $87,160. Offices of Other Health Practitioners offer the forensic psychologists $40.13 as hourly mean wage and $83,470 as annual mean wage. The General Medical and Surgical Hospitals offer $44.14 hourly mean wage and $91,810 as annual mean wage Forensic psychologists with Offices of Physicians get $52.69 as hourly mean wage and $109,600 as annual mean wage. So, as you can see that the industry pays pretty well and it is actually a lucrative career option.

The forensic psychology salary is also influenced by the location of work. In the state of California the hourly mean wage for forensic psychologists is $46.16 while the annual mean wage is $96,000. In Florida the psychologists working in forensic labs get $46.34 as hourly mean wage and $96,380 as annual mean wage. In New York they get $43.55 as hourly mean wage and $90,590 as annual mean wage. In the state of Maryland, they are offered 446.90 as hourly mean wage and $97,560 as annual mean wage. In Texas they get $39.64 and $82,460 as hourly mean wage and annual mean wage respectively. In Arizona the hourly mean wage is $49.19 whereas the annual mean wage is $102,310. In New Hampshire they get a mean wage of $46.97 hourly and mean wage of $97,710 annually. In Oregon the hourly mean wage for psychologist working in forensic labs is $44.42 while the annual mean wage is $72,670. The pay also varies in various metropolitan areas. Studies have shown that while male forensic psychologists get $54,000 to $97,855 on an average annually, their female counterparts get $49,606 to $74,334 in a year.

Everything You Wanted Know about Forensic Psychology Schools

Forensic psychology is one of the swiftest growing fields of the science of psychology. This sphere of knowledge applies psychology to the legal system and the law. Forensic psychologists perform two kinds of duties simultaneously: on the one hand they work in the field related to the courts (this is embraced by the word “forensic”); on the other hand – perform their clinical duties examining clients and helping them with therapy and counseling. Students of forensic psychology schools study also crime prevention problems, prison rehabilitation programs, psychology and the law, courtroom dynamics, and assist in selection of candidates for policemen. Read more about Forensic Psychology Schools

Short Review of Available Forensic Psychology Programs

student-loansforeign-studentsForensic Psychology Programs

Psychology is considered to be one of the most interesting sciences for the time being. Since this field of knowledge touches the human nature itself, the deep research of this sphere is always highly appreciated. That is the reason why psychology science is developing rapidly and collaborates with lots of other human sciences, which are sociology, politics, pedagogics, medicine, philosophy and surely judicature. At the intersection of two different fields of knowledge a new science is born. Here in this article we are going to make a short review of available forensic psychology programs. Which kinds of disciplines are performed in these programs and which profession might you get after graduating.

Jobs For Psychology Majors And Their Associated Salaries

People with a Psychology major can take up a wide variety of jobs. Salaries can range anywhere between $23,000 and $70,000. However, these are just suggestive figures while actual salaries can differ based on a person’s area of specialty, their educational qualification, work experience, and a variety of other parameters.

Jobs for Psychology majors start at around $23,100 for a Daycare Teacher. It rises towards the $30,000 mark progressively for Home Health Aides, Residential Youth Counselors and Mental Health Workers. A large percentage of jobs for psychology majors fall within the $30,000 to $35,000 range. Mental Health Technicians, Medical Secretaries, Mental Health Case Managers, Medical Research Assistants, Family Service Workers, Administrative Assistants, Clinical Research Assistants, Social Service Case Managers, and Crisis Counselors, all fall into this category, earning a salary between $30,000 and $35,000 a year.
Going slightly higher, Mental Health Counselors earn $36,000, Substance Abuse Counselors earn $37,000 and Child / Family Psychologists and School Social Workers earn $38,500. Crossing the $40,000 mark, a regular Social Worker earns $40,900 and a Clinical Research Coordinator earns $46,300. Crossing the $50,000 mark, a Medical Case Manager earns $60,400 and a Human Resources (HR) Manager earns $69,100.

This data pertains to jobs for psychology majors with no higher degrees, working a fulltime job in the US. The salaries indicated include bonuses, commissions, profit sharing, and overtime if applicable, in addition to the base salary. Equity or stock compensation is not included in this estimate. Figures are indicative and might differ from actual current salaries.

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